The ultimate goal of helping the person with hemophilia is to empower him. The approach is holistic in nature namely to develop his body, mind and spirit. The “Triple E’s” programs are integrated in the different specific program activities and complemented with hemophilia care programs:

Education Programs

These programs are aimed not only at increasing knowledge and updating members and their families on recent developments about hemophilia care and management.

Enabling and Empowering Programs

  1. Physical Development – These programs are aimed at developing a strong and healthy body for the PWH.
  2. Psychosocial, emotional and spiritual health development - These programs are aimed at providing members an avenue for self-reflection, fostering emotional health, and developing strong personal values.
  3. Financial Self-sufficiency- Livelihood Programs for members - These programs are aimed at providing member feasible, self- sustaining and income-generating opportunities.
  4. Responsible Citizenship Programs (Developing Socially Responsible Members) The goal of HAPLOS is to empower its members develop social consciousness and become meaningful contributors to society.

Member’s Development Program

  1. Youth Camps – Physical activities, hemophilia care home infusion training, psychosocial, team building. Conducted for many years now but once each year for the last three years.
  2. Family Day – Annual interactive activities that address the different dimensions of the person, involvement of the family and youth from partner communities, student interns/volunteers, etc.
  3. Psychosocial Workshops – integrated into summer camps, bi-monthly gatherings and other events.
  4. Bi-Monthly Community gathering - done every 2 months, to involve the community members in workshops and discussions such as on hemophilia care, livelihood and self- improvement sessions for mothers and carers.
  5. Other Skills workshops: Art and Music – Ukulele Club, Art Lessons.
  6. Swimming for PWH Program – Guided swimming lessons to promote proper exercise and social support among PWH youth. We are looking for sponsors for this program.

Sustainable Hemophilia Care Programs

  1. National Hemophilia Registry – aimed at keeping and maintaining a national registry of all identified persons with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders.
  2. Hemophilia Education – providing knowledge and training about hemophilia addressed to both the patients and the medical and multidisciplinary professionals who are caring for the persons with bleeding disorders. These educational programs are done through talks, seminars, workshops and conferences. Short talks are integrated into the different meetings or gatherings of the HAPLOS Community members.
  3. Humanitarian Aid – acquisition and distribution of donated clotting factor products to key hematologists caring for a group of PWH in various medical institutions.
  4. Medical and Dental – providing programs like home infusion workshop to empower PWH care for himself and have some control of his condition and medical support to members’ outreach programs that include subsidized factor assay and inhibitor assay.
  5. Advocacy for the development of a National Hemophilia Care program that involves the medical professional societies and the government through the Department of Health and its agencies such as the National Voluntary Blood Services Program, the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Philippine Health Insurance Company, and the National Institute of Health.